The Directorate of Human Resources (DHR) is instrumental in driving the Nigerian Safety Investigations Bureau’s (NSIB) human capital strategy, fostering a conducive work environment, and ensuring the well-being of its workforce. With a focus on recruitment, staff development, and employee welfare, the Directorate plays a pivotal role in nurturing talent, enhancing organizational effectiveness, and fostering a culture of excellence within the NSIB.

Overview of the Directorate

The Directorate of Human Resources plays a vital role in shaping the NSIB’s organizational culture, fostering employee engagement, and maximizing workforce productivity. Through its comprehensive HR initiatives and programs, the Directorate enhances employee satisfaction, supports professional development, and strengthens the Bureau’s capacity to achieve its safety investigation and regulatory objectives.

Functions and Responsibilities

  1. Strategic Reporting:

    • Reports to the Director-General/CEO through the Directorate of Human Resources & Administration (DHR&A), providing strategic insights and recommendations on human capital management.
    • Ensures alignment with organizational goals and objectives in all HR initiatives.
  2. Staff Management:

    • Manages all aspects of staff recruitment, promotions, and deployment, ensuring fair and transparent processes in accordance with NSIB policies and procedures.
    • Facilitates career development opportunities and succession planning to maximize employee potential and organizational growth.
  3. Employee Benefits and Welfare:

    • Administers pensions, staff welfare programs, and health insurance schemes, safeguarding the well-being and financial security of NSIB employees.
    • Coordinates employee assistance programs and initiatives to promote work-life balance and employee satisfaction.
  4. Compensation and Benefits:

    • Manages staff salary matters, including payroll administration, compensation packages, and performance-based incentives.
    • Ensures compliance with regulatory requirements and industry standards in compensation and benefits administration.
  5. Facility Management:

    • Oversees facility maintenance and management to ensure a safe, comfortable, and conducive work environment for NSIB staff.
    • Coordinates maintenance activities, repairs, and upgrades to optimize facility functionality and efficiency.
  6. Health and Safety:

    • Coordinates staff medicals and health insurance coverage, prioritizing employee health and well-being.
    • Implements occupational health and safety measures to minimize workplace hazards and ensure regulatory compliance.
  7. Insurance Management:

    • Manages insurances within the Bureau, including property insurance, liability coverage, and employee insurance schemes.
    • Facilitates insurance claims processing and risk management initiatives to mitigate financial and operational risks.
  8. Additional Duties:

    • Undertakes any other duties as assigned by the Director-General/CEO, contributing to the overall effectiveness and efficiency of NSIB’s human resources management functions.

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