The Directorate of Corporate Services (DCS) is an integral component of the Nigerian Safety Investigations Bureau (NSIB), responsible for facilitating efficient procurement processes, planning, research, and statistical analysis. By overseeing procurement activities and providing strategic planning support, the DCS enhances operational effectiveness, fosters data-driven decision-making, and supports the Bureau’s mission of promoting safety in the aviation sector.

Overview of the Directorate

The Directorate of Corporate Services plays a vital role in enhancing NSIB’s operational efficiency, transparency, and strategic decision-making. Through its comprehensive procurement, planning, research, and statistical analysis functions, the Directorate supports the Bureau’s mission of promoting safety and excellence in the aviation sector.

Functions and Responsibilities

  1. Strategic Reporting:

    • Reports to the Director-General/CEO through the Directorate of Corporate Services (DCS), providing strategic insights and recommendations on corporate services management.
    • Ensures alignment with organizational goals and objectives in all corporate services initiatives.
  2. Procurement Management:

    • Collects needs assessment and evaluates procurement requirements for the Bureau, identifying goods, works, and services needed.
    • Conducts market and statistical surveys in conjunction with the Planning, Research, and Statistics (PRS) department to inform procurement decisions.
    • Prepares cost analyses, aggregates requirements, and prescribes appropriate procurement methods to secure necessary approvals.
  3. Contract Administration:

    • Places adverts for identified goods, services, and works required by the Bureau, ensuring compliance with procurement regulations and obtaining necessary approvals.
    • Conducts due diligence on companies, obtains certificates of ‘No Objection,’ and approaches approving authorities for contract awards.
  4. Procurement Recordkeeping:

    • Maintains proper records of procurement plans, resources, and contract administration activities, ensuring transparency and accountability in procurement processes.
  5. Planning, Research, and Statistics (PRS):

    • Ensures the maintenance of an accident/incident databank capable of serving the needs of the Bureau and the aviation sector.
    • Collates, computes, analyzes, and presents statistical data concerning the Bureau, supporting evidence-based decision-making.
    • Coordinates budget formulation, implementation, and monitoring activities, liaising with relevant government agencies and stakeholders.
  6. Research and Analysis:

    • Conducts research on areas of interest to management, presenting findings and recommendations to support strategic planning and decision-making.
    • Prepares reports for aviation statistical committee meetings, survey reports, and scorecards in line with key performance indicators (KPIs) and targets.
  7. Project Monitoring and Evaluation:

    • Monitors and tracks the progress of capital projects, providing management-approved statistical data to the public for educational purposes.
    • Collaborates with the Ministry of Aviation on project monitoring and other ad-hoc aviation matters to ensure alignment with organizational objectives.
  8. Additional Duties:

    • Undertakes any other duties as assigned by the Director of Corporate Services, contributing to the overall effectiveness and efficiency of NSIB’s corporate services functions.

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