Guidelines for Reporting Accidents

Please follow the guidelines listed below when making reports of accidents and incidents to the bureau

1. All reportable accidents must be promptly notified to the Nigerian Safety Investigation Bureau (NSIB).

2. The legal responsibility for notifying an accident rests initially with the Pilot-in-Command of the involved aircraft. If the Pilot-in-Command is fatally injured or incapacitated, the operator assumes this responsibility.

3. If the accident occurs on or adjacent to an aerodrome, the aerodrome authority is also obligated to notify the Bureau.

4. The notification should be relayed to the Bureau immediately, providing the following information to the best of one’s ability:
– Whether it is an accident or incident
– The type, model, nationality, and registration marks of the aircraft
– The names of the owner, operator, and hirer (if applicable) of the aircraft
– The qualifications of the Pilot-in-Command and the nationality of the crew and passengers
– The date and time of the accident (in Coordinated Universal Time [UTC] and Nigeria Time Zone)
– The last point of departure and the intended landing point of the aircraft
– The accident’s geographical position relative to a well-defined location

5. The notification should include the following details regarding individuals involved:
– Crew on Board (COB), including the number killed or seriously injured
– Passengers on Board (POB), including the number killed or seriously injured

These guidelines ensure timely and accurate reporting of accidents, facilitating efficient investigation and safety enhancement measures by the NSIB.

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"Safety is everyone's responsibility"

- Capt. Alex Badeh Jr.

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