The Directorate of Finance and Accounts serves as the financial backbone of the Nigerian Safety Investigations Bureau (NSIB), responsible for managing the organization’s fiscal operations and ensuring compliance with accounting standards and regulations. Through strategic financial planning and meticulous oversight, the Directorate plays a pivotal role in supporting the NSIB’s mission of enhancing safety in aviation, maritime, and road transport.

Overview of the Directorate

The Directorate of Finance and Accounts plays a critical role in ensuring the fiscal health and integrity of the NSIB, enabling the organization to fulfill its mandate of promoting safety and excellence in transportation. Through diligent financial planning, transparent reporting, and proactive compliance efforts, the Directorate supports the NSIB’s commitment to accountability, transparency, and operational excellence.

Functions and Responsibilities

    1. Financial Policy Development:

      • Develops and implements financial policies, procedures, and controls in accordance with accounting standards and regulatory requirements.
      • Ensures adherence to established financial protocols to safeguard the integrity and transparency of financial operations.
    2. Budget Management:

      • Prepares and manages the organization’s budget and financial plans, aligning financial resources with strategic priorities and operational needs.
      • Monitors budget performance and variance analysis to optimize resource allocation and achieve financial objectives.
    3. Financial Reporting:

      • Oversees financial reporting activities, including the preparation of accurate and timely financial statements and analysis.
      • Provides management with comprehensive financial insights to support decision-making and planning processes.
    4. Resource Management:

      • Manages financial resources effectively, including revenue collection, payment processing, and treasury functions.
      • Implements robust financial controls to mitigate risks and ensure the prudent use of funds.
    5. Regulatory Compliance:

      • Ensures compliance with all relevant rules and regulations governing financial operations, including taxation, procurement, and reporting requirements.
      • Collaborates with external auditors and regulatory bodies to facilitate audits and maintain compliance with financial regulations.
    6. Financial Advisory Services:

      • Provides financial advice and support to other departments and directorates within NSIB, guiding strategic initiatives and operational decision-making.
      • Offers expertise on financial matters to optimize resource utilization and enhance financial sustainability.
    7. Additional Duties:

      • Undertakes any other duties as assigned by the Director-General/CEO, contributing to the overall effectiveness and efficiency of the NSIB’s financial management functions.

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Head Office:

Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport,
Abuja, Nigeria.

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