Directorate of Public Affairs and Consumer Protection

Reports to the Director-General/Chief Executive Officer through the DPA&CP.
The DPA&CP oversees the Public Affairs and Consumer Protection.
Public Affairs department is charged with the following responsibilities:

  •  Monitoring and advising on effect of public policies on the Agencies and
  •  Managing and controlling all press related matters.
  •  Monitoring, managing, driving and reporting SERVICOM initiatives in NSIB.
  •  Overseeing implementation of Anti-Corruption initiatives in NSIB.
  •  Safeguarding service users from unfair market practices and ensuring
    restitution to where such is established.
  •  Building and maintaining relationship with stakeholders and the media to
    project a positive image of the Bureau.
  •  Build and manage the Bureau’s publicity and brand.
  •  Carrying out such other duties as may be assigned by the Director-General