Directorate of Operations

Reports to the Director-General /CEO through the DOO;

  • Overseeing the Operations Directorates Administration and ensuring
    its effectiveness;
  • Coordinating the Operation Directorate of the Bureau;
  •  Liaison with ICAO on Operation matters;
  •  Liaison with the Director General in briefing the Honourable Minister
    of Aviation on the Bureau’s operation matters;
  •  Participation in aircraft accident investigations;
  •  Overseeing the Cockpit Voice Recorders readout analysis;
  •  Overseeing and editing aircraft accident reports;
  •  Independently conduct ‘no-blame’ investigations of accidents and
    incidents according to the laws, regulations and international best
  • Compilation, completion, and publication of final reports of
    accidents and incidents;
  •  Carrying out such other duties as may be assigned by the DirectorGeneral /CEO.