Directorate of Corporate Services

  • Reports to the Director-General/Chief Executive Officer through the DCS.
    The DCS oversees the Procurement and Planning, Research and Statistics


  • Collection of needs assessment and evaluation of for the Bureau;
  •  Identifying the goods, works, and services required;
  •  Carrying out appropriate market and statistical surveys in conjunction with
    the department of planning, research and statistics (where available);
  •  Preparing an analysis of the cost implications of the proposed procurement;
  •  Aggregating its requirements whenever possible, both within the procuring
    entity, to obtain economy of scale and procurement cost;
  •  Prescribing appropriate method for effecting the procurement and securing
    necessary approval for its implementation;
  •  Placing advert for identified goods, services and works required for the
  •  Carry out Due Diligence on Companies;
  •  Obtaining the appropriate certificate of ‘’No Objection, from the regulatory
    agency Bureau Public Procurement);
  •  Approaching the approving authorities for contract Award (Parastatals),
    Tenders Board, Ministerial Tenders Board, Federal Executive Council)
  •  Contract Administration;
  •  Maintaining proper records of Procurement Plan and Resources;

    Planning, Research and Statistics (PRS)

  •  Ensures that NSIB maintains an accident/incident databank capable of
    serving the needs of the Bureau and the Aviation sector
  • Collates computes, analyzes and presents the statistical data concerning
    the Bureau;
  •  Liaises with National Planning Commission and Federal Ministry of Aviation
    on planning matter;
  •  Writing of quarterly, half-yearly and annual report for the Bureau;
  •  Coordinates budget formulation, implementation, and monitoring;
  •  Conducts search on areas of interest to management and presents the
    result of such research findings and recommendations to management as
    well as plans for implementing recommendations;
  •  Liaises with the Ministry of Aviation on project monitoring and other ad-hoc
    aviation matters;
  •  Preparation of NSIB reports for Aviation statistical Committee meetings;
  •  Preparation of NSIB statistical Survey Reports and filling the templates;
  •  Preparation of NSIB Scorecards in line with the agreed Key Performance
    Indications (KPI’s) and the targets;
  •  Monitoring/tracking and evaluation of capital projects;
  •  Providing management approved statistical data to the public for
    educational purposes;
  •  Carrying out such other duties as may be assigned by the Director
    Corporate Services.