Command and Control

The Centre is saddled with the responsibility of gathering information
relating to aircraft accidents and or serious incidents and disseminating
same to the DG/CEO, Air Safety Investigators, DOO, DOE, Director of
Transport Investigation and other relevant quarters.
In order to get this done, the Centre monitors:
i). The ongoing Controller-Pilot communications via the VHF Radios operated
on different frequencies at the Centre
ii). Monitoring and Tracking the movements of aircraft from the aerodromes
of departure to their destinations using the Flight Radar24 application.
iii). Using the Visual Display Unit at the Centre to nose around for relevant
aircraft accident and serious incident information and news through the local
and international TV Channels.
iv). Gathering of relevant information of interest on aircraft accidents or
serious incidents through the social media handles, e.g X (formerly Twitter)
amongst others.
v). Reception of inbound telephone calls put across to the Centre by the
public relating to report(s) of an aircraft in emergency situation and
dissemination (outbound) of same to the appropriate NSIB quarters by the
Officers at the Centre
vi). The above functions will also be extended to all modes of transportation