February 15, 2024 - In Accident Reports

At 17:42 h, from the Lagos Tower Watch log book, AZM2325 carried out a missed approach at about 3NM to touchdown runway 18L. According to the cockpit crew, on approach at about 600 ft to touchdown, there was heavy rain and wind shear warning.

On reaching Minimum Descent Altitude (MDA), the crew carried out a missed approach and requested for runway 36L from the Approach control but was vectored around other traffic to runway 18R after receiving the current weather. AZM2325 was advised by the ATC of the prevailing weather condition, asked to state intention and if unable to make it, elect to divert to an alternate airport.

At 17:53 h, AZM2325 stated “we would like to make one approach, runway 18R, if not [successful] we would divert to our alternate…”

At 17:58 h, AZM2325 landed on runway 18R and was instructed to continue with Ground control on 121.9MHz.

At 17:59 h, AZM2325 reported “121.9 MHz; we have an issue; we are on the runway…. we need assistance please. We’re on the runway, we have an engine indication…. we have an engine indication, number one engine, we’re on the runway.”

At 18:00 h ATC replied, “AZM2325 the fire unit would be with you shortly. They’ve been advised and are proceeding to runway 18R. Please report when you have the fire unit with you. We can observe them taxiing towards you on the runway.”

At 18:02 h, AZM2325 confirmed “we have the fire truck here; I just need them to tell us the extent of what is going on.”

At 18:03 h, ATC stated “AZM2325 we advised the unit to proceed with the tow truck to assist you. But the fire unit will be with you shortly.”

At 18:04 h, ATC asked “confirm you have a burst tyre on runway?” The aircraft replied in the affirmative.

At 18:16:53 h, the ATC told AZM2325 “your passengers would be evacuated shortly and please report when you have the tow truck in sight”.

At 18:22:56 h, the ATC told AZM2325 “your station manager is aware and they are coming to you to assist in the evacuation of the passengers”

At 19:07 h, the fire unit advised ATC that disembarkation of passengers was complete with only the crew and passenger baggage on board the aircraft. The incident occurred in daylight and Visual Meteorological Conditions (VMC) prevailed at the time of occurrence.

The draft final report has been concluded. It will be sent to stakeholders for their comments in line with the requirements of section 6.3 of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Annex 13 to the Convention.

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