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Interim statement on the serious incident involving Viking Twin Otter aircraft with nationality and registration marks 5N-SHE operated by Caverton Helicopters which occurred during landing roll at Forcados airstrip, Delta state on 13th June, 2022

On 13th June 2022, a Twin Otter DHC-6-400 aircraft with nationality and registration marks 5N-SHE operated by Caverton Helicopters Limited was scheduled to depart Nigerian Air Force (NAF) Base Port Harcourt (DNPM) for Forcados Airstrip on a Command Line Training flight in TAKE-OFF, APPROACH and LANDING procedures. On board the aircraft were four crewmembers, including the Line Training Captain, Trainee Pilot, Observer and Engineer. The endurance was two hours 50 minutes. The Trainee Pilot was the Pilot Flying (PF) while the Line Training Captain was the Pilot Monitoring (PM). According to the Air Traffic Control (ATC), 5N-SHE was cleared to 5,000 ft Above Mean Sea Level (AMSL) for a right turn pattern in the circuit runway 20.

At 13:26 h, 5N-SHE got airborne, completed right hand traffic pattern and landed on runway 20 Forcados Airstrip at 13:37 h.

At 13:50 h, the aircraft got airborne again and completed the second traffic pattern.

At 14:01 h, 5N-SHE was cleared for the second touchdown on runway 20. The reported meteorological condition at the time was as follows: wind 210/05 kt, visibility 8 km in nil weather, Cloud – No cloud detected (NCD), Temperature/dew point 30/26 °C, QNH 1010 hPa.

At 14:01 h, 5N-SHE landed on runway 20 and on landing roll, 5N-SHE veered off to the left centerline runway at about 182.7 m from the runway threshold, vacated left side shoulder at points between 238.7 m and 254.6 m from the threshold into the grass verge with the left main wheel crossing fire hydrant at 6.4 m.

The aircraft continued towards the concrete fire truck driveway. In a slight right turn, the left Wing Tip area of the aircraft collided with the Fire Tender shelter pole, causing damage to the Wing Tip Fairing, Wing Tip Strobe Light and Navigation Light assembly.

The aircraft thereafter got into grassy-mud, travelled 20 m and got stuck. The left Wing was substantially damaged as evident during post incident inspection with debris from the Wing found at various locations.

At 14:02, h ATC activated the crash alarm bel.

The preliminary report has been published while the final report is being compiled.

In accordance with Annex 13 to the Convention on International Civil Aviation, Civil Aviation Act 2006, Civil Aviation (Investigation of Air Accident and Incidents) Regulations 2019, the sole purpose of this Investigation is to prevent Aviation accidents and serious incidents. It is not the purpose of any such investigation and the associated Investigation report to apportion blame or liability.

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