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Interim Statement on the Serious Incident involving Boeing B737-300 aircraft owned and operated by Airpeace Limited with nationality and registration marks 5N-BUQ, which occurred on, take off from Sam Mbakwe Airport Owerri enroute Lagos on 22nd November 2021

On 22nd November 2021, a Boeing 737-300, 5N-BUQ with flight number APK7159, departed as a scheduled passenger flight from Sam Mbakwe airport, Owerri (DNIM) to Murtala Muhammed airport, Lagos (DNMM) on instrument flight Rules (IFR) Flight Plan. The incident flight was the fourth sector for the day. On board were 101 persons inclusive of two (2) cockpit crew members and four (4) Cabin Crew members, fuel on board at the time of departure was 0300 hrs., the Pilot was Pilot Flying (PF) while the first officer was the Pilot Monitoring (PM).

At 17:47 h, APK7159 was given start up clearance with QNH 1009 hPa at 26˚C by Owerri Air Traffic Control (ATC). At 17:50 h APK7159 taxied and backtracked on runway 35, with take-off clearance: “surface wind calm, after Departure maintain runway heading passing 2,000 ft QNH 1009 hPa, left turn on course clear take-off RWY 35”.Take-off was at 17:52h.

After take-off during Climb Out, the crew heard multiple loud bangs accompanied with vibrations and also noticed the values of engine parameters for No 1 Engine N1 and N2 reducing rapidly with excessive rise in EGT (Exhaust Gas Temperature) above limits. The flight crew executed the ENGINE FIRE OR ENGINE SEVERE DAMAGE OR SEPARATION Checklist and shut down engine No1 in accordance with the QRH (quick reference handbook) At 17:57 h, while climbing through 2,500 ft, APK7159 declared “MAYDAY MAYDAY, MAYDAY we have engine No 1 failure, we will call you, back to land” and the Owerri Tower acknowledged.

At 17:59 h, APK7159 contacted Port Harcourt Approach and reported, “We have Engine No 1 failure, we’ve shut down and need vectors to Port Harcourt, we have just one engine MAYDAY, MAYDAY, MAYDAY”. Approach contacted Control Tower to transmit same and all emergency services were activated. Approach cleared APK7159 to “POT” 3.0 on QNH 1010 hPa and turn left heading 180, cleared ILS APP Runway 21, descend 2,500 ft on QNH 1010 hPa and crew acknowledge.

At 18:12 h, APK7159 reported established 8 miles on the ILS to Port Harcourt Approach. Approach confirmed their position and handed them to Tower 119.2 MHz. At 18:13 h, Port Harcourt Tower cleared APK7159 to land with runway 21 in sight, surface wind 270˚/05 kt, QNH 1010 hPa At 18:15 h, APK7159 landed and taxied to the apron.

All passengers disembarked normally without injury.

The draft final report is being compiled. It will subsequently be sent to stakeholders for their comments in line with the requirements of section 6.3 of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)

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