Serious Incident involving a Diamond DA-42 aircraft, 5N-BNH

Serious Incident involving a Diamond DA-42 aircraft, 5N-BNH

On 1st May, 2019, at about 09:00 h, a Diamond DA-42 aircraft with Nationality and Registration Marks 5N-BNH owned and operated by International Aviation College (IAC), Ilorin, requested for start-up from ATC for training at Sector One Charlie (1C) to maintain FL65 with fuel endurance of five hours. The flight was a Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL) mock test training exercise with two persons onboard, a Flight Instructor (FI) and a Student Pilot (SP). At the time of the incident, the Flight Instructor was flying and the Student Pilot was monitoring.
At about 09:13 h, 5N-BNH was airborne from Runway 23, Ilorin International Airport and reported established at Sector One Charlie (1C) at 09:28 h.
At 10:13 h, FI reported flight details completed at 1C and requested to re-join the airfield for an RNAV (Area Navigation) Approach for Runway 05. The Tower cleared the aircraft to report overhead Ilorin airport VOR (ILR).
At 10:18 h, Tower cleared the aircraft to descend to 3,500 ft for RNAV Approach Runway 05 and to report established. At 10:23 h, 5N-BNH reported established eight miles final Runway 05, later requested for missed approach and was granted by ATC.
At 10:49 h, 5N-BNH reported Procedure Turn Complete. Afterwards, the crew requested clearance for touch-and-go, and to join downwind Runway 05. The aircraft was cleared for touch-and-go and was airborne at 10:59 h. On this circuit, the Flight Instructor instructed the Student Pilot to do a Flapless Landing.
At 11:02 h, 5N-BNH was cleared for touch-and-go on Runway 23 due to a change in wind direction. Two additional touch-and-go exercises were carried out between 11:05 h and 11:09 h.

At 11:09 h, the Flight Instructor took control of the aircraft, to demonstrate a flapless approach and landing to the Student Pilot. The FI extended the upwind leg on this circuit due to traffic.
At 11:12 h, the aircraft reported right downwind Runway 23, requesting full stop landing and was granted.
The Flight Instructor reported that on reaching final, he selected the landing gear switch to extend the landing gear. The FI stated that the switch knob came off in his hand while he did this. He put back the knob and continued the approach. He further stated, “I forgot to verify the 3 greens on the final approach till landing gear warning came up…”. The Student Pilot reported that she selected the landing gear switch but the aircraft was too close to the runway surface.
At about 11:17 h, the aircraft impacted the runway surface at a distance of 1,387 m from the threshold of Runway 23, veered right of the runway centreline and stopped at 205 m from the touchdown point, 9 m to the right of the runway centreline, resting on the bottom of the engine cowlings, the stairs , the tail skid and the partially extended nose wheel gear, although the landing time was not passed to 5N-BNH.
The Flight Instructor alerted the Duty Air Traffic Controller (DATCO) of the occurrence and the Tower alerted the Airport Rescue and Fire Fighting Services (ARFFS). From ATC recordings, another aircraft, 5N-BNK was instructed by the controller on duty to taxi to the runway where the aircraft crashed in order to assess the emergency situation. The crew disembarked the aircraft unaided with no injuries. The ARFFS arrived at the site about five minutes after notification as reported by the Flight Instructor.
The incident occurred in daylight and Visual Meteorological Conditions prevailed.

Report No: IAC/2019/05/01/F
Operator: International Aviation College (IAC), Ilorin
Reg No: 5N-BNH
Aircraft Type: Diamond DA-42Serious Incident
Date Released: July 28, 2020
Status: Final Report
Download: PDF
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