Report on the accident involving Tampico TB-9, 5N-CBJ

Report on the accident involving Tampico TB-9, 5N-CBJ

Evidence, which facilitated the reconstruction of the sequence of events, was obtained from witness accounts; the Student Pilot, Flight Instructor, Air Traffic Control transcript, the report by Duty Air Traffic Controller (DATCO) and site inspection.

On 26th September, 2018 at 09:28 h, a Tampico TB-9 aircraft operated by Nigerian College of Aviation Technology (NCAT) Zaria, with nationality and registration marks 5N-CBJ departed Zaria aerodrome (DNZA), Runway (RWY) 23 on a visual flight rules (VFR) flight plan with one occupant on board and four hours fuel endurance. The student pilot (SP), was scheduled to perform five take-offs and landings using the 180° glide manoeuvre[1].

At 09:30 h, the SP requested to position for left downwind RWY 23. Tower granted approval and also instructed the SP to report ‘Finals’. At 09:31 h, the SP reported Finals and requested for touch and go clearance for RWY 23. Tower cleared the SP for touch and go RWY 23, with a reported wind of 250° at 06 kt.

At 09:32 h, 5N-CBJ landed on RWY 23 about 121 m from the threshold.

The SP stated during the post-occurrence interview, that the approach was stable. He also stated that after touchdown, he felt the landing gear was shaking accompanied with noise and the aircraft suddenly and randomly skidded. He added that, he tried to control the aircraft by advancing the throttle to FULL to execute a go-around, but the aircraft was slow to respond and instead veered off the RWY to the left into the grass area.

[1] 180o Glide Manoeuvre (180o power-off approach) is executed by gliding with the power off from a given point on a downwind leg to a preselected landing spot.

Report No: NCAT/2018/09/26/F
Operator: Nigerian College of Aviation Technology (NCAT), Zaria
Reg No: 5N-CBJ
Aircraft Type: Tampico TB-9Accident
Date Released: November 3, 2020
Status: Final Report
Download: PDF
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