Report on the accident involving a Boeing 737-282 Aircraft, 5N-BIG

Report on the accident involving a Boeing 737-282 Aircraft, 5N-BIG

On 14th July, 2008 at 16:49 h, a Boeing 737–282 aircraft with nationality and registration marks 5N-BIG, operated by Chanchangi Airlines Ltd, commenced a scheduled domestic flight from Murtala Muhammed International Airport, (DNMM) with call sign NCH138 for Port Harcourt International Airport (DNPO). Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) flight plan was filed for the flight. There were 47 persons on board (41 passengers, 2 flight crew and 4 flight attendants) and 3 hours fuel endurance.  The Captain was the Pilot Flying (PF) and The First Officer (FO) was the Pilot Monitoring (PM).

The FO stated that NCH138 was initially scheduled to depart at 15:30 h, but the flight was delayed due to loading of passenger baggage.

The Captain stated that NCH138 was cleared to FL290 and the flight continued normally.

According to the DNPO Air Traffic Control (ATC) watch supervisor on duty, NCH138 contacted DNPO Approach Control (APP) at 17:05 h with flight information estimating POT at 17:50 h. NCH138 was issued an inbound clearance to POT[1] VOR[2] with the following weather information for 17:00 h as: Wind calm, Visibility 10 km, Broken clouds 270 m, Scattered clouds 600 m, Cumulonimbus clouds scattered, temperature 25/24°C, Thunderstorms, Temporarily Variable 8 kt, gusting 18 kt, Visibility 3000 m, Thunderstorms and rain, and expect runway (RWY) 21 for landing.

[1] POT – Port Harcourt

[2] POT VOR – Port Harcourt Very High Omni-directional Radio Range (VOR)

Report No: CAL/2008/07/14/F
Operator: Chanchangi Airlines Limited
Reg No: 5N-BIG
Aircraft Type: Boeing 737-282Accident
Date Released: November 3, 2020
Status: Final Report
Download: PDF
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