Preliminary report on AIRBUS 330-243, OD-MEA and BOEING 777, TC-LJC

Preliminary report on AIRBUS 330-243, OD-MEA and BOEING 777, TC-LJC

At 17:14 h, MEA572 contacted ATC for departure clearance from the international wing of Murtala Muhammed Airport, Lagos to Beruit Rafic Hariri International Airport (OLBA), Lebanon with 245 persons on board inclusive of 16 flight crew members. The request was to confirm ATC had the flight plan and clearance for flight Level 390 (FL390) routing via UB731 and exit point “NASTO”, which ATC granted.

At 17:15 h, MEA572 requested push back and start-up which was approved. MEA572 later requested taxi and was instructed to taxi holding point runway 18R. From the voyage report, the Captain stated as follows “TAXIWAY F3 ONE-WAY TAXIWAY OUT, NOTICED TURKISH B777 PARKED GATE E55 TAXIED VERY SLOWLY LOOKING OUT, DEVIATED SLIGHTLY TO THE RIGHT FOR EXTRA CLEARANCE [BUT] THE LEFT WINGTIP HIT PARKED B777 TAIL CONE STOPPED IMMEDIATELY SHUTDOWN ENGINES”.

At 17:25 h from the ATC transcript, MEA572 reported “the triple seven was parked too far away we were very careful but we hit the tail section of the Turkish. Advice crew please and bring Fire Brigade on standby please”. ATC instructed MEA572 to hold position, the wing-walker are coming towards to direct you properly.

At 17:27 h MEA572 confirmed getting direction from the wing-walker to tower and then
requested to come back to the gate because of the damage to the winglet.
At 17: 28 h, MEA572 reported going to shut down and standby. The crew shut down
the engine and passengers disembarked without any injury.
The incident occurred in daylight.

Report No: Preliminary Report
Operator: Middle East Airlines / Turkish Airlines Inc.
Aircraft Type: Airbus 330-243 and Boeing777-3F2ERSerious Incident
Date Released: December 1, 2020
Status: Preliminary Report
Download: PDF
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