Interim Statement on Cessna Citation XLS+, 5N-HAR

Interim Statement on Cessna Citation XLS+, 5N-HAR

On 3rd October, 2018 at about 08:26 h, a Cessna Citation 560 XLS+ aircraft with nationality and registration marks 5N-HAR operated by Nigeria Police Force, departed Abuja to route Bauchi (DNBC)-Akure (DNAK)-Abuja (DNAA) on an Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) flight plan. There were six persons onboard; the Captain, Co-pilot, Cabin Crew and three passengers

At 08:20 h, the crew requested for taxi clearance for take-off on runway 17. At 08:23 h, the crews were granted taxi and departure clearance.

The crew also stated that during the takeoff roll on runway 17, as the aircraft attained the rotation speed (Vr), the PM called for rotation and the PF tried to rotate but the aircraft could not get airborne. The PF then reported to the PM who commanded for abort.

There was no reported injury to persons on board. The incident occurred at 08:30 h in day time in Visual Meteorological Condition (VMC).

Report No: NAF/2018/10/03/INTR/01
Operator: Nigerian Police Force
Reg No: 5N-HAR
Aircraft Type: Cessna Citation XLS+Serious Incident
Date Released: February 22, 2020
Status: Interim Statement
Download: PDF
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