Interim Statement on Air Tractor AT-401B aircraft, 5N-BTV

Interim Statement on Air Tractor AT-401B aircraft, 5N-BTV

On 4th October, 2018 an Air Tractor AT401B aircraft with nationality and registration marks 5N-BTV, operated by Skypower Express Airways Nigeria Limited was on agricultural aerial spray (operation) on a Visual Flight Rules (VFR). The operation was scheduled for three sorties at Olam rice farm, located at Rukubi, about 90 NM South-East of Abuja, Nigeria. On board was one occupant (pilot) and fuel endurance of two hours ten minutes.

At about 09:04 h, the aircraft tookoff from Rukubi airstrip to NE05 field, with 600 litres of liquid chemical for the third and last sortie of 22 runs for the day. According to the Pilot, after six runs, he climbed to about 150 ft and turned left to line up for the next run; heading west. Halfway into the run, the pilot heard the engine sputter, backfired and stopped. He also stated that the oil pressure, oil temperature and the fuel pressure indications were all within the green arc. Then, he primed the engine and tried to re-start it, the engine cranked but did not start.

At this point, the pilot decided to dump the liquid chemical and force-land the aircraft on a field referred as N803 which is 1.5 km from where the engine failed.

The aircraft impacted ground with the right main landing gear first, followed by the left main landing gear at about three meters from the point of first impact. The right main wheel sheared and the aircraft then skidded for about 38 m and flipped over.

Report No: SEA/2018/10/04/INTR/02
Operator: Skypower Express Airways Nigeria Limited
Reg No: 5N-BTV
Aircraft Type: AT-401BAccident
Date Released: October 4, 2020
Status: Interim Statement
Download: PDF
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