Interim Statement on Accident involving Boeing 737-300, 5N-BQO

Interim Statement on Accident involving Boeing 737-300, 5N-BQO

On 23rd July 2019, a Boeing 737-300 aircraft with nationality and registration marks 5N-BQO was operated as a scheduled flight APK7191 from Port Harcourt to Lagos on Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) flight plan.

At about 10:38 h, 5N-BQO departed Port-Harcourt for Lagos with one hundred and thirty-three (133) passengers and six (6) crew members. The Co-pilot was the pilot flying (PF) and the Captain was the pilot monitoring (PM).

At 11:23:00 h, APK7191 contacted Control Tower (CT) reporting distance and position from runway 18R which the CT acknowledged, informing APK7191 of a preceding aircraft  which was crossing the threshold of runway 18R and the crew acknowledged.

At 11:26:12 h, the Control Tower gave APK7191 final landing clearance as “APK7191 exercise caution, runway surface wet, wind 290o/06 kt runway 18R cleared to land.” The crew responded as follows:”cleared to land runway 18R APK7191”.

The Captain reported noticing that the aircraft was not aligned with the runway centreline during final landing callouts: 50, 30, and took control while announcing “I have controls” and “correcting back to the centerline”. The crew stated that “the right wheel touched down simultaneously, we lost visibility and nose wheel touched down.”

At 11:28:33 h, Control Tower transmitted the landing time to APK7191 and requested intention from the flight crew because the aircraft was on the active runway after landing.

At 11:28:43, APK7191 requested for tow truck and on further enquiry from CT, the flight crew responded that they had a gear collapse.

At 11:45:33 h, APK7191 stated “we request to disembark from here, you will help us coordinate with NAHCO would call our operations to make available bus. is that possible?” CT responded, “we will inform Apron control to make all the necessary arrangements.”

The conveyance vehicle and moveable passengers’ stairs arrived shortly afterwards. The passengers disembarked the aircraft without injuries using moveable passengers’ stairs positioned at the main cabin door (L2) while the crew awaited the authorities.

The accident occurred in daylight and rain.

Report No: AIRPEACE/2019/07/23/INTR/01
Operator: AIRPEACE
Reg No: 5N-BQO
Aircraft Type: Boeing 737-300Accident
Date Released: July 23, 2020
Status: Interim Statement
Download: PDF
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