Final Report on Chanchangi B737-200 aircraft, 5N-BIF

Final Report on Chanchangi B737-200 aircraft, 5N-BIF

On 20th August, 2010, a Boeing 737-200, with nationality and registration marks 5N-BIF owned and operated by Chanchangi Airlines Limited, operated a series of flights from Lagos between 14:38 h and 18:27 h as NCH198 and landed in Abuja without any incident.

At 20:18 h, 5N-BIF departed Abuja for Kaduna as NCH334 with 45 persons onboard inclusive of nine (9) crew and fuel endurance of 2 hours 40 minutes on an Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) flight plan.

At 20:21 h, NCH334 had contact with Kaduna (DNKA) Air Traffic Control (ATC) climbing out of FL90 to FL130, estimated position LOTSO 20:30 h and destination DNKA 20:40 h.

DNKA Approach (APP) cleared NCH334 to Kaduna VOR (KDA) to expect VOR/DME approach for Runway 05 and passed the 20:00 h weather report as: wind 260/07 kt, temperature 25⁰C in thunderstorms.

Report No: CAL/2010/08/20/F
Operator: Chanchangi Airlines Nig. Ltd
Reg No: 5N-BIF
Aircraft Type: B737-200Serious Incident
Date Released: July 8, 2021
Status: Final Report
Download: PDF
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