Final Report on Air peace B737-500 aircraft, 5N-BRN

Final Report on Air peace B737-500 aircraft, 5N-BRN

On 22nd June 2019, at about 14:05 h, a Boeing 737-500 aircraft with nationality and registration marks 5N-BRN operated by Air Peace Limited as scheduled passenger flight APK7291 departed Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, Abuja (DNAA) for Port Harcourt International Airport (DNPO) on an Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) flight plan. On-board were 94 persons inclusive of 6 crew members with fuel endurance of 02:30 h. The First Officer was the Pilot Flying (PF) while the Captain was the Pilot Monitoring (PM).

At 14:32 h, APK7291 established contact with Port Harcourt Air Traffic Control (ATC) Approach (APP) unit, relayed flight information with estimates into Port Harcourt airport VOR (POT) for 14:59 h. Port Harcourt Approach replied with this inbound clearance; “APK7291 cleared to Papa Oscar Tango (POT), FL300 no delay expected for ILS approach runway 21, QNH 1011, time 1333Z. Standby for Port Harcourt METAR.”

Report No: AIRPEACE/2019/06/22/F
Operator: Air Peace Limited
Reg No: 5N-BRN
Aircraft Type: B737-500Serious Incident
Date Released: July 8, 2021
Status: Final Report
Download: PDF
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